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CyberShield is Protecting you from Cyber-threats.

CyberShield is a managed security service utilizing the CyberShield DNS Firewall to protect all users and devices against online threats such as Phishing, Malware, Botnets, and Ransomware, leveraging global and local threat feeds at the DNS layer.

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managed security service
CyberShield Cybersecurity DNS Firewall

For less than the cost of a coffee / per user / per month we are 

Building up New Zealand's cyber immunity and resilience!

Cybersecurity threats from ransomware, phishing and online scams are growing risks to health organizations and home users alike.

CyberShield DNS Firewall protects all users and devices from network threats using InternetNZ DNS firewall using dynamic threat feeds from Akamai and CERT NZ and community validated NZ health threat  intelligence maintained by kiwi security specialists.

CyberShield provides dedicated NZ health cyber immunity using the community feedback loop strategy and continuous improvement to detect and respond to zero-day threats and minimize false positives.

Cyber Security Services

When you use CyberShield, websites that contain malicious software or engage in phishing are blocked at the DNS layer. This means that no connection to the bad websites or web applications is established. Additionally, when you enable it by changing the DNS settings in the router, every device that uses the network is automatically protected. Alternatively, you can change the settings on individual computers or consoles on the network and YES, CyberShield works over both IPv4 and IPv6!

Cybershield Blocks malware and spyware threats

Blocks malware and spyware threats

Cybershield Protects against known phishing attacks

Protects against known phishing attacks

Cybershield protects staff and family

Enforce policies and content filters to protect staff and family

Cybershield alerts, threats and policy violations

Reports and alerts on detections, threats and policy violations

Cybershield cyber threat intelligence

Contributes to the NZ cyber threat intelligence and community resilience

Shield yourself now! 

Get cyber protection and peace of mind for less than the cost of a coffee / per user / per month, and receive the First Month FREE when you sign up to an annual plan.

T&C apply. Apply for more details.

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