Protecting you from cyber-threats.

CyberShield is a managed security service utilising the CyberShield DNS Firewall to protect all users and devices against online threats such as Phishing, Malware, Botnets, and Ransomware, leveraging global and local threat feeds at the DNS layer.

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Intro Building up New Zealand's cyber immunity and resilience

Cybersecurity threats from ransomware, phishing and online scams are growing risks to health organisations and home users alike.

CyberShield DNS Firewall protects all users and devices from network threats using InternetNZ DNS firewall using dynamic threat feeds from Akamai and CERT NZ and community validated NZ health threat  intelligence maintained by kiwi security specialists.

CyberShield provides dedicated NZ health cyber immunity using the community feedback loop strategy and continuous improvement to detect and respond to zero-day threats and minimize false positives.

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Our Service Features and Highlights


Blocks malware and spyware threats


Protects against known phishing attacks

User protection

Enforce policies and content filters to protect staff and family


Reports and alerts on detections, threats and policy violations


Contributes to the NZ cyber threat intelligence and community resilience

Testimonials What Our Supporters Say

  • The ‘Sharing is Caring’ ethos of the platform is important and the more we collaborate on threat intelligence the more aware New Zealand businesses will be of these impending threats to our organisations.

  • We support the initiative as we believe there needs to be a far greater focus on cybersecurity. This is a battlefield that’s fast becoming a war.

    Scott Arrol
  • After launching Defenz late last year, we’ve realised the value of adding local threat feeds such as the NZ Health Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform. The health sector holds a lot of sensitive personal data and we are seeing a rise in cyber activity, particularly over this Covid-19 period. Any organisation that holds high value data should be thinking of themselves as a target and protecting themselves from attack.

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    David Morrison
    Commercial Director

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Offer ends 1st January 2021. T&C apply. Apply for more details.

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